The only solution to the data loss phenomenon is a professional backup:

  • Continuous maintenance of at least two complete copies of data in different geographical locations.
  • Automatic synchronization guaranteeing that all copies always will be identical.
  • Utilization of modern encryption methods and high information security standards.

Cloud storage and backup service

Capacity Free diagnostics** Monthly price
100GB 1 2.25 euro
200GB 2 3.25 euro
500GB 3 6.25 euro
every 1000GB 4 9.75 euro

** Number of free data recovery diagnostics per year.

We rent servers in most advanced data centers in several countries in Europe. This infrastructure enables our cloud users to upload (and download) their important files from any device to a secured place for storage purposes. Thereby they get protection from accidental files deletion, sudden hardware failures, loss of memory cards, “bit rot”, ransom viruses, malicious information destruction and more unique advantages.

Please contact us for preliminary registration to the cloud storage service.