What is special about the vitabit.net cloud storage?

We offer several unique advantages that are not available in other online storage services:

  • Utilization of the advanced technology (Data scrubbing) that enables to identify and repair errors caused by the “bit rot” phenomenon.
  • All data is stored in two complete copies on servers that are located in different geographical locations in the world (different countries). This allows to avoid data loss resulted from fires, sabotages, natural disasters, etc..
  • User doesn’t have access to the second copy and this protects even from malicious information destruction by a ransom virus or a third party that managed to obtain the user’s password in unauthorized way. In such a case a support ticket can be opened and the data recovered.
  • Information security through, i.a. encryption and deployment of the standard protocol - SFTP. Option to mount the storage account as a network drive.
  • Free of charge data recovery diagnostics.

Which programs can be used to access the cloud storage?

All programs supporting the SFTP protocol can be used. Please find a partial list for common operating systems below:

Windows, Mac, Linux

Filezilla - we recommend this program. It is supported on all widespread operating systems.