Did you know that the vast majority of data recovery submissions can be treated without openning the device?! Not only in the case of accidentally deleted files or formatted memory card, but even if it comes to a physical damage often it is possible to rescue the information remotely without taking the device out of the house. E.g. dropped external hard disk whose mechanics remained in tact, but crucial fragments of the file system or partition table were destroyed. There is no need to hand it over to dubious couriers or expose it unnecessarily to mechanical shock common during transportation. All that is required is to connect the device to computer (that has at least 4GB of memory, 4GB free disk space, an Internet connection) and our engineers will do the rest - device diagnostic and recovery.

Recovery costs

Type of device Price
Memory card, USB stick, mp3 player, CD/DVD 45 euro
Hard disk (internal/external) 110 euro
  • The prices include standard diagnostic.
  • Each submission includes a gift worth 35 euro: installation of an advanced operating system (which among other things neutralizes viruses) on the client’s computer (without to interfere with the existing operating system). The system contains numerous tools that assist our engineers in data recovery. Once the treatment is over the system remains in client’s possession.

We utilize professional and most advanced tools with success rate over 93%. We work only according to the principle “We didn’t recover = you don’t pay”! Our fields of expertise:

  • Rescuing information after deletion or formatting.
  • Recovering data from memory cards.
  • Device that is not recognized by computer.
  • Device that requests formatting.
  • Virus attacks.
  • Information destruction.
  • Rescuing data.
  • Rescuing information from defect hard disks.
  • Read/write heads, motor, or electrical failure in hard drives.
  • Rescuing information from digital cameras.
  • Recovering information from USB sticks.
  • CD/DVD

Within the framework of our activity we usually do not deal with cases of particularly severe physical or electrical damage that require replacement of device’s parts.

Diagnostic costs

Type of diagnostic Price
Standard diagnostic 25 euro
Emergency diagnostic 460 euro
  • Discount 10% on standard diagnostic for sharing our website on social networks/blog/forum or recommendations that bring new customers.
  • Returning customers, that still have our operating system, are often entitled to diagnostic free of charge.
  • Emergency diagnostic takes place immediately also beyond opening hours, at any time of a day (except for Saturdays and Israeli holidays).

Purposes of diagnostic:

  • Preparation of working environment on client’s computer.
  • Remote recovery feasibility check.
  • Assessment of prospects for success and development of recovery plan.