How to submit a data recovery case?

Send an email to the address: [email protected] with the following information (copy/paste):

- Name: 
- Phone number (with country code):
- WhatsApp: 
- Description of the accident:

- Information about the device and the lost data
  - Manufacturer/model: 
  - Device capacity in GB: 
  - Approximate amount of files (their size in GB):
  - File types (images, videos, etc.):
  - We try very hard, but it is not always possible to recover 100% of data. Which files have highest priority: 
  - Does computer recognize the device, is it possible to read data from it:
  - Is the LED of the device blinking:
  - Does the device produce some characteristic sounds (like "clicking", etc.):
  - Were new files saved to the device after deletion/formatting (if yes - how many):

- How did you hear about us (for statistical purposes):

- 10% discount on standard diagnostic
  - Did you recommend us to one of our clients? What is his name, email: 
  - Did you share our website on social networks/blogs? Where (link): 

I have read and agree to the Terms of Service published on the website ( yes/no

Afterwards submission’s ID number will be emailed back and one of our engineers will contact you.