Viruses are one of the major reasons for data loss in the world. They cause enormous economical damages and annoyance. We do not hold with the customary approach to install an anti-virus and visit a technician every six months for virus cleaning. Many years’ experience proves that this just does not solve the problem. The only purpose of this method is to “extract” money from the population. We suggest to treat the root of the phenomenon and switch from “home” operating systems to professional operating system that neutralizes viruses. I.e. it does not let them neither to harm nor to reproduce and this without trying to locate and remove them (the process that causes computer to be slow and not to function as expected).

It’s important to emphasize that there is no need for a complete migration - it’s enough to run the operating system inside a separate window of Microsoft Windows and work only through it with infected devices or browse websites suspected to contain malicious software.

The operating system is used by many governmental, defense and commercial institutions. More related details can be found on the Software page.